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Former Sheriffs of Richland Parish

Former Sheriffs of Richland Parish

01.) 1866-1878, A.J. Liddell, Democrat, 
02.) 1878-1896, Lem Scott, Democrat, Girard
03.) 1896-1912, William Neal Traylor
04.) 1912-1916, W.T. Oliver
05.) 1916-1924, Mark A. Cooper
06.) 1924-1936, Archie A. Abell, Democrat, Rayville
07.) 1936-1952, J. Foster Jones, Sr., Democrat, Mangham
08.) 1952-1976, Earl E. Hill, Democrat, Mangham
09.) 1976-1980, W.H. "Bubba" Thomason, Democrat, Rayville
10.) 1980-1984, J. Foster Jones, Jr., Democrat, Mangham
11.) 1984-2000, Lorell Graham, Democrat, Mangham
12.) 2000-2012, Charles McDonald, Democrat, Mangham
13.) 2012-2016, Lee Harrell, Republican, Rayville
14.) 2016-Current, Gary Gilley, Independent, Mangham

LIDDELL, A.J., Mr. Liddell, well-known throughout North Louisiana, died at his home in Rayville on the 24th inst. He was elected sheriff of Richland at the formation of the parish and held the office for several terms.  He was a generous, big-hearted man and for a long time was counted the most popular man in his parish. The Monroe Bulletin, Wednesday, February 3, 1886, Page 2, Column 1

SCOTT, Lem. The second Sheriff of Richland Parish. Scott is buried in Scott-Wright Ford's Cemetery, just northeast of Rayville. He was married to Annie 

TRAYLOR, William N. The third Sheriff of Richland Parish. He was born in Louisiana. His father was born in South Carolina. His mother was born in Mississippi.  In 1920 he lists farmer as his occupation. His father died in 1862 in Vicksburg when he was a small child. His wife died at the age of 45, but Traylor lived until 1933, at the age of 81.  He is buried in Little Creek Cemetery, in Archibald.

OLIVER, William T. - later became the postmaster from 1919-1922. Immediately after the election, the District Attorney, Tobin R. Hodge, brought a suit against Oliver, alleging malfeasance. After being appealed, the suit was dismissed.

ABELL, Archie A., sheriff of Richland Parish, is a very capable and experienced officer, and has proved a citizen of reliability and trustworthy performance in all the relations of his life.He was born at Winnsboro in Franklin Parish, October 17, 1877, son of E. C, and S. M. Abell. E. C. Abell, though a boy, rendered some service with the Confederate troops in Louisiana during the Civil war, and afterwards for many years was in business at Winnsboro as a merchant, in the abstract and real estate business, and for a long time clerk of the police jury of Franklin Parish. He died in 1908 when sixty-one years of age and his widow resides at Rayville. There were two sons, Archie A. and Percy T., the latter an accountant for the Phoenix Utility Company at Memphis.Archie A. Abell received his education in the public schools at Winnsboro, and had considerable experience as a salesman in Stores there and at Rayville. Soon after he was twenty-one years of age, he became deputy sheriff under Sheriff Traylor, and subsequently served as deputy under Sheriffs Oliver and Cooper. For a few years, during intervals of this service, he was in the livery business at Rayville, and also connected with local merchandising firms.Mr. Abell was elected sheriff in 1924. He has most efficiently performed the duties of his office. Mr. Abell is unmarried and is a member of the Masonic fraternity. A History of Louisiana, (vol. 2), p. 251, by Henry E. Chambers. Published by The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, 1925. 

HILL, Earl E., politician, farmer. Born, Richland Parish, La., December 8, 1910; son of Elbert Hill and Etta Logan, both of Mississippi. Educated in local schools. A cotton farmer. Elected to Richland Parish Police Jury for term 1948-1952. Elected sheriff, Richland Parish, 1952; served in that capacity until 1976. Member, Masonic Lodge, National Sheriffs Association; helped to organize Dixie Boys Baseball teams in parish. A Baptist. Married (1) Betzel Eppinett, (2) Lois W. Hill. Children: Frances, Sandra Kay, and Winston. Died October 10, 1983; interred Lynn Cemetery, Archibald, La. G.R.C. Sources: William E. Skaggs and J. B. Lux, eds., Louisiana Business and Professional Directory (1955?); Richland (Parish) Beacon-News, October 17, 1983.

MCDONALD, Charles. McDonald is a lifelong resident of Mangham. He graduated from Mangham High School in 1972 and from Northeast Louisiana University with a degree in law enforcement in 1976. While still in college, he worked for the Mangham Police Department under Chief Lorell Graham. After graduating from college, he joined the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office for four years under Sheriff W.H. “Bubba” Thomason. Four years, later he left the sheriff’s office briefly to work for himself but returned as Chief Deputy when Lorell Graham was elected sheriff in 1984. When Graham retired 16 years later, McDonald ran for sheriff himself as was elected in 2000.

HARRELL, Lee. Harrell was born in Delhi, LA, and resides in Rayville. He was elected in November of 2011, and was sworn in as Richland Parish's 13th Sheriff in July of 2012. Harrell was previously a retired Lieutenant with State Police.

GILLEY, Gary.  Gilley is from Mangham, LA and was elected in 2015 and sworn in as Richland Parish's 14th Sheriff in June of 2016.

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Charlieville - Residents Organize to Show Outrage over Treatment of Jewish People in Delhi

December 14, 1889
Richland Beacon News
Charlieville was a settlement on the banks of Beouf River west of present day Mangham, LA. It was one of the landings for the steamboats of that time.
Here is an interesting article that lists several of the families who lived at Charlieville. They organized to show their displeasure at recent events that had occurred in Delhi, concerning Jewish families.  This is from the December 14, 1889 Richland Beacon News.
"The Delhi Outrage, Charlieville, LA, Dec. 9, 1889. 
At a mass meeting of citizens of the Seventh ward, held at this place, W. Geo. Meyers was called to the chair, and Dr. Y.M. Milam, secretary. The chair stated the object of the meeting as follows: That we express ourselves in condemning the late acts perpetrated against citizens of Jewish descent residing and doing business in Delhi.
On motion, the chair appointed a committee of three to draft resolutions: J.F. Barns, J.T. Stokes and Dr. Y.M. Milam, who submitted resolutions as follows:
Resolved, That we regret to see the animosity shown to the Jewish fellow-citizens residing in Delhi, this Parish. We declare ourselves utterly opposed to all such acts of violence, and denounce the same as being against the laws and peace of Louisiana. 
Resolved, That we regard such acts detrimental to our endeavors in obtaining immigration to our parish. 
Resolved, That we regard the Jewish citizens of our parish as being a quiet and law-abiding people, and we will do all in our power to protect them in their rights under the law in person and property. 
Resolved, That we herein call upon our District Attorney, whose duty we consider it to be, to thoroughly investigate the late riotous and would-be murderous acts of parties in Delhi against the Jews doing business there, and protect them and their property as well as any other people. 
On motion, above resolutions were adopted, and a copy of these proceedings be forwarded to the Richland News and Beacon by the secretary with request to publish. 
W. Geo. Meyers, Chairman. Dr. Y.M. Milam, Secretary.
T.D. McLeroy, J.T. Stokes, J.F. Burns, P. Bayerjean, Jr., Frank Hatch, R.W. Hatch, L.D. Epinett, F.M. Riberts, Joe Ray, P. Bayerjean, Sr., Frank Piet, William Fletcher, J. Bayerjan, Jr., J. Bayerjean, Sr., L.C. McIntosh, L. Bayerjean, C.M. Noble, and E.N. Faulk." (Barns, Stokes and Milam)

Works Cited
Barns, J F, J T Stokes and Y M Milam. "Outrage in Delhi." Richland News and Beacon. Vol. 21. 50. Comp. Library of Congress. Rayville: Wiley P. Mangham, 14 December 1889. 2.

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Man Arrested For Attempting to Wreck Mail Train Near Girard, May 12, 1887

I came across this newsclip recently, and thought it was interesting. There are two separate articles in this 1887 Ouachita Telegraph, from May 21st. Here is the second clip. As the article notes, this incident occurred approximately two miles to the west of Girard. This is known today as the present day community of Start.

May 21, 1887 Ouachita Telegraph
Man Arrested For Attempting to Wreck East Bound Mail Train Near Girard, 1887

"A Picayune special from Girard, dated May 14th says: A negro whose name is not reported was arrested yesterday and brought to Girard for attempting to wreck the east bound mail train over the Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Pacific Railroad, due here at 7 PM yesterday." 

"The villain was detected in the act of tying a rail on the track, about two miles west of Girard. He was probably taken to Rayville last night and lodged in jail. Nothing is known of the man's motive for attempting to commit a crime that if successful would have imperiled the lives of many."

Attempt to Assassinate Mr. S.D. Brame Near Delhi - May 12, 1887

I came across this newsclip recently, and thought it was interesting. There are two separate articles in this 1887 Ouachita Telegraph, from May 21st. Here is the first one.

The first article of interest reads;
Attempt to Assassinate Mr. S.D. Brame, near Delhi. May 12, 1887. Last night, about 9 o'clock, someone attempted to assassinate Mr. S.D. Brame, a planter who lives about seven miles south of here, in Franklin Parish.  Mr. Brame, as usual, went out to his stables to see that his mules and horses had been properly cared for before returning for the night, and on his return to the house, when about half way between the stable and the house, someone fired at him, the ball striking him on the forehead, cutting a long gash.  Dr. McMullen was sent for and remained with Mr. Brame all night, and reports this morning that the wound is severe, but does not think it dangerous, as the ball did not enter the skull, but was a glance shot.  No reason can be assigned for this act, and so far the perpetrators has not been discovered.

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Richland Parish History from a 1945 Tour Guide

Here are some great extracts on Richland Parish, which I came across in a 1945 Tour Guide called, "Louisiana: A Guide to the State."

Published in 1947 as part of the Federal Writer’s Program, Louisiana: A Guide to the Stateis a travel guide from the past.