Monday, November 29, 2010

October 1927 - Start High School Under Water

In 1927, the Mississippi River unleashed holy hell on the Louisiana Delta in Northeast Louisiana.  In the northwestern corner of Richland Parish, the community of Start didn't dodge the bullet.  Here is a picture of the old Start High School after the floods began.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why does Richland Parish matter?

My name is Luke Letlow, and I was born in Richland Parish, Louisiana. On paper, Richland Parish doesn't stand out amongst its 63 parish brethren. In fact, Richland Parish is sometime considered by regional historians as a stepchild. After all, it was created in 1869 from what today are five different parishes (Ouachita, East Carroll, West Carroll, Franklin and Morehouse.)

But with over 560 square miles in its political borders, to not remember the people, their stories, and the milestones in the parish would be a tragedy.

So as time passes, leaves fall, and crops grow, my goal is to write about, recollect, and reminisce about Richland Parish. Because history is just too important to forget.