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Obituaries - Elsie Peterson Adcock, 93, of Rayville, LA

Funeral services for Elsie Peterson Adcock, 93, of Rayville, LA will be held at 3:00 PM, Monday, January 9, 2017 at Mulhearn Memorial Park Mausoleum, Monroe, LA. Interment will follow in the Mulhearn Memorial Park Mausoleum, Monroe, LA under the direction of Brown-Holley Funeral Home, Rayville.

Elsie was born October 2, 1923 in Monroe, LA and passed away Saturday, January 7, 2017 in Rayville, LA.

Mrs. Elsie is preceded in death by her husband, Moody "Jack" Adcock; mother, Ada Bess Coates Peterson; father, William Asa Peterson; brother, Dayton; and sisters, Ethel, Minnie, Elizabeth, and Effie.

Survivors include her daughters, Jackie Adcock Frizell and Patsy Adcock Smith; grandchildren, Fran Krier and husband, Brian, Alita Bridges and husband, Ricky, Patti Dupont and husband, James, Kim Gammill and husband, Phillip, Brad Smith and wife, Laura, Terri Robinson, Traci McGinnis and husband, Jimmy, Scotty Vaughan and husband, Lan, Wesley Brown, and Kevin Brown; great grandchildren, Arthur Krier, Sarah Krier Cashwell and husband, Stefan, Natalia Krier George and husband, Justin, Ashley Bridges, Bradley Bridges and wife, Mary, Kathryn Bridges, Josh Dupont and wife, Lauren, Seth Dupont and wife, Katy, Chris Dupont, Anna Dupont Persiful and husband, Stephen, Kaci Gammill Atchison and husband, Chico, Daniel Gammill and wife, Stephanie, Bradley Smith, Allissa McDonald, Charity Comoeux, Victoria Ramey, April Main, Morgan and Parker McGinnis, Aiden and Riley Vaughan, and Aidia, Kamen, and Lilly Brown; great-great grandchildren, Emma, Baylor, Londyn, Samuel, Elijah, Noah, Oliver, Jude, Joshua, Nathaniel, Dustin, Serenity, and Ashlyn; sister-in-law, Ollie Adcock May; and a host of nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers are her nephews, Ray Adcock, Arnold Adcock, Ronnie Adcock, Donnie Adcock, Steve Adcock, and Mitch Adcock.

Visitation is 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM, Monday at the Mulhearn Memorial Park Mausoleum, Monroe, LA.

Condolences may be left at

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

History of Providence Baptist Church of Alto

Written by Mrs. Earline Williams Sartor, 1957
Submitted by Dianne Abraham

There is an old jingle that goes like this, “Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, Make me a child again, just for tonight.” May we paraphrase this by saying, Backward, turn backward, O time, just for today, Give us a view of Providence Church along history’s highway.

Of course in reviewing the history of this church, personalities must be our greatest factor; for a church is a body of baptized believers, who have been born again into newness of life through faith in Jesus, the only begotten son of God, Creator of the Universe. So in making our research of Providence Church, how true we find the Scripture, Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will no depart from it. Because we find the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the pioneer members of Providence Church the great percentage of membership to day. In 1881 a young man, Mr. Ashby, placed his letter in Providence Baptist Church. He became a deacon and one of the strong influences in leading this church into broad paths of usefulness. The home of this man and his wife gave to the church on of its most talented members, Viola Ashby Hale, teacher, pianist, Sunday School secretary for many years. Viola Ashley was married to Mr. J.A. Hale, who came from a strong Baptist home of Union Parish.

The present members of Providence Church who came from the Ashby and Hale home are: Mrs. Jim Sartor and her daughter, Miss Louise Sartor, Clarence Hale Henington, Ann Hale Billingsly.

This year 1881 gave another strong and devoted Baptist to Providence Church, Mrs. Eliza Ann Balfour Sartor, wife of Dr. Daniel Ryan Sartor, one of Alto’s most beloved citizens. This home gave the following members to our church: Mrs. Jim Sartor, Mrs. D. Ryan Sartor and Mrs. Frank Sartor. These came into Providence Church by marriage into the Sartor home. Frank Balfour Sartor was called into his Heavenly Home from Alto Church in November, 1934. He left this church Dr. Fred W. Sartor, Dr. Daniel W. Sartor, Dr. George M. Sartor. From the Ryan Sartor home Mr. Daniel Ryan Sartor, Jr., is an active member, and from the Jim Sartors we have Martha Louise. Several of the Dr. and Mrs. D.R. Sartor’s sons and their children are Methodist, as was our beloved Dr. D.R. Sartor.

In turning the pages of memory from 1881 we found the record of 1855. We found the prevailing influence that led Providence Church in joining the five other churches to form Bayou Macon Association was Mr. John A. Hemler. They met at old Deerfield Church near Delhi. The members of Providence Church who claim Mr. Hemler as progenitor are very numerous, including Mr. John A. Hemler, Jr., and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Will Hemler, Mrs. Mary Hemler McCoy, Dr. Larkin Hemler and his wife, Mrs. Bennie F. Hemler, Mrs. Lovie D. McCoy, one of our beloved deacons, Mr. McCoy is now church clerk. Other members of this family, also, are Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hemler, Mrs. Elizabeth Hemler Adcock, who was a faithful worker of former years. A member of the Hemler clan by marriage was a strong former deacon, Mr. Lemuel M McCoy, great grandfather of our own Lem McCoy of the Beginners Class of our Sunday School.

Into the McCoy home in December 1910 came a young business associate of Mr. McCoy’s, John A. Ball, who placed his letter in this church in 1913. Mr. Ball has been a faithful Sunday School superintendent for a period of 43 years. Mr. Ball was married in 1916 to Miss Lucille Lyles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will? Lyles. Mrs. Ball came from the pioneer members of the Boughtons, as Mrs. Lyles was Miss Frances Boughton. Many members of Providence Church of “ye olden day” came from this Boughton family, as well as from the Boies family.

We could not write a history of this church without mentioning the work of a former member, Emma McCoy Driskell, granddaughter of Mr. John A. Hemler.

In thinking of our theme, “Train up a child in the way he should go,” we think of the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Mulhern and the many true and faithful members of that home who are now leading workers of our church, such as the deacon L.J. Mulhern and wife, Mrs. Belle Hicks and Mrs. Mary E. Spoede, the Cox family, childen of Pat Mulhern, who was called home several years ago, and our most consecrated and devoted member, Mrs. Edna Earle Thomason1, who is not discouraged about her Lord’s work, but works on and on in teaching Sunday School class and leading us into better W.M.U. work. Miss Edna is also from our pioneer members, the Earles. Miss Edna gave her heart to Jesus at an early age, having been baptized and reeived into the church in 1895.

Just here our thoughts go to the Thomason family, as Miss Edna married Mr. M.D. Thomason, a leading citizen and business man of Alto. From this Thomason family we find these members of our church, Deacon E.E. Thomason and wife, the former Vera Brown, who sings the gospel message to all; Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Thomason, Jr., A.D. Thomason and family.

Another pioneer couple of Providence Church were Randall and Sue Brown. From this home came a host of good workers to Alto Baptist Church, namely, Deacon and Mrs. Will Brown and their children, Deacon and Mrs. Douglas Brown and children, Deacon and Mrs. Claude Brown and children, Deacon and Mrs. Lonnie R. Brown and children, Deacon and Mrs. Archie Brown and son, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Ray Brown, Miss Dorothy Brown. Then from these pioneer members came Deacon A.H. Brown and wife who was Miss Ina Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Jones. Mrs. Ina Jones Brown united with Providence Church in 1896, at the age of 17 years. From the A.H. Brown home came our faithful Mrs. Irma Brown Mulhern, our Deacon R.B. McKay came into the church membership from the Randall Brown family, as he married Miss Jennie Brown. This McKay home has meant much to Providence Church.

Another pioneer family who was present at that 1855 meeting at old Deerfield was Mr. Louis Bledsoe, grandfather of Mrs. Bennie F. Hemler, who now is one of our best teachers in all departments of Providence Church. One of the song leaders, Kay Hemler Stovall is a great-granddaughter of Mr. Bledsoe.

No family has contributed more to the church than the Varners. Mr. George Varner gave the land for the Alto Presbyterian Church, as well as the land for the Alto School. The Duff family contributed several fervent members to Providence Church in years past. Faith of Our Father, lead on.

Families who have come to us since these pioneers mentioned are: Deacon and Mrs. B.E. Roberts, children and grandchildren; Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Roberts, children and grandchildren; Deacon and Mrs. Hoben and children; the Lee family, McGehees, Terrys, Mr. Frank Foster, who contributes to the work of the church choir; Deacon C.D. Martin and wife, daughters and son, Robert, who is now choir director, and is very faithful; Deacon and Mrs. M.L. Smith and three talented sons.

Then we have thoughts of the Hixon family of early days. From this family comes to worship with us now Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Hixon. A connected family of the Hixons is that of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Holdiness, their son, Lynn; Mr. and Mrs. Harry McKay and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Johnson and daughters. Nancy Holdiness Johnson is the church organist while Bennie Holdiness McKay, Sallie Lyles Brown and Peggie Sue Brown are pianists. Hazel Edna Hoben is B.T.U. pianist. The Providence Church indeed has musical talent.

In years gone by no members have done more for Providence Church than Bro. J.A. Mhoon as teacher and leader, and Mrs. Minnie Sutton Washington, whose husband, Dr. W.P. Washington, was a direct descendant of the Father of our Country, George Washington. Mrs. Minnie Washington worked in every department of our church, but her greatest work was with the Women’s Missionary Union. Here she left to the Baptists of Louisiana a complete copy of herself in the person of her daughter, Mrs. Minnie Washington Hartman, of Farmerville, LA.

Providence Baptist Church has at this time a fine group of teachers for 1957. Mr. L.J. Mulhern, Men’s Bible Class; Mrs. Edna Thomason, Ladies’ Bible Class Number 1; Mrs. Earl Thomason, Ladies’ Bible Class Number 2; Mrs. L.R. Hemler, Young Married Class; Mr. Jimmy Hoben, Senior Class; Mrs. Earline Sartor, Intermediate Class; Deacons C.D. Martin and Claud Brown, Junior Class; Mrs. B.E. Roberts, Primary Class; Mrs. J.L. Strittman, Beginner Class; Mrs. John Holdiness, Cradle Roll; Mrs. Annie Brown, Mrs. John McCoy, Jr., Mrs. Edgar Roberts, are also workers in this department. Mrs. L.J. Mulhern, pianist, and Mrs. Earl Thomason song leader, Mrs. M.L. Smith, Home Extension Department.

Providence Baptist Church has had, through the years, consecrated pastors. We did not find the name of the first pastor, or the date of the organization of the church. We can only date from 1855 and Providence must have been several years old at this time.

Some of the former pastors were Rev. W.W. Nash, so record goes, “Entered on the pastoral duties of the church on Sunday before the second Saturday in February, 1868.” We also found that a Dr. William Bulger recorded in an old Bible of Providence Church that “Rev. Joel Heath, pastor of our church, passed over as quietly as the ebb of the tide, calm, gentle and serene. He died as he lived.” Then we found the date 1865. Rev. J.A. Rhymes and Rev. Miller, also Rev. Hughes were three of our early pastors. Rev. J.W. Tinnin came about 1915 or 1916. C.M. Corley in 1918 was the first full time pastor, but the church went back to half time. Rev. A.C. Hold was found pastor in 1927. In 1919 we had no pastor. Rev. L.T. Grantham was pastor in 1922; Rev. J.B. Polk about 1924; Rev. E.M. Daffin in 1932 or ’33. In 1934 Rev. C.W. Williams was pastor. Total membership was then 133 or 134; church property was valued at $2000, and the church budget was $1106.25. Gift to missions, Children’s Home, etc., was $189.24.

This church has given to the harvest one minister, Rev. J.C. Clement. Bro. Clement came from the home of Deacon Clement and his wife, the former Lucy Landers. Their children have meant so much to our church. Mrs. Mittie Lindow Clement came to us by letter as Miss Mittie Young, her sisters also placed their membership with our church. Mrs. Mittie Clement is the widow of the late J.A. Clement, and is one of our most worthy members.

In 1938 Rev. H.G. Hammons came. His salary was $787.50. Our later pastors were Rev. Hall Peyton, Rev. John Green, Rev. Wallace, Rev. Allen Buckley, Rev. W.L. Blackwell, Rec. J.L. Strittman.

Providence Church has, through the years, more than 102, been as a lighthouse set on a hill, whose rays of light have flashed the Gospel to all the world, both home and foreign fields, even to the isles of the sea. All because these pastors noble led a strong membership into paths of right living. Research further states that Rev. O.P. Miles was pastor in 1887. Like pastor, like people, as an old adage which proved true in the leadership of these pastors. Each one made a definite contribution to the church, but all had a deep desire to give Jesus to a lost world. God bless all churches and their pastors.

In thinking of our present pastor, Rev. Strittman and his wife, we are reminded of the words dedication and humility, love and understanding of childhood and youth, and wonderful courage against adversity.

One of the greatest improvements has been along the line of stewardship of time and possessions. Whereas we had a half time church in 1938 with a yearly salary of $787.50, we have in 1957 full time with a salary of $4,200, with an expense account for the pastor of $600. Improvement has come in Bible study as well as in other study courses. The church has established a good library with books available for all reading levels.

On Sunday, May 26, in the year of our Lord 1957, we find Providence Baptist Church pressing onward. She is not the struggling church of 1855. Yet, what she is today stands as a memorial to the living faith of those fathers from 1855 even to 1957.

We leave her, Providence Baptist Church, in a “House by the side of the road,” where many lost people go by;

Some who are good, some who are bad, even as you and I.

She would not sit in the scorner’s seat, or hail a cynic’s band.

Let Providence Church dwell in a house by the side of the road,

And be a friend to man.

            By Mrs. Earline W. Sartor

Mrs. Earline Williams Sartor (1891-1963)

A name I've come across often while researching history in Richland Parish is Mrs. Earline Williams Sartor (1891-1963). In addition to stories she retold that were passed down to her, in reference to Frank and Jesse James hiding out in Richland Parish, she also wrote numerous histories about the region. She was married to Frank Balfour Sartor and was the mother of three sons who became physicians in Northeast Louisiana. The following are details from her obituary, printed in the Monroe News Star on December 3, 1963.

Monday, November 28, 2016

How the community of DUNN got it's name

Dunn is a small village on Highway 80 five miles west of Delhi.

About 1840, a road was cut through the canebrake and swamps of this region, which is currently located in Richland Parish. Stagecoach service began on this road in 1849. Horses were changed at Charles Carpenter's house near Dunn. This house, unique for the thickness of sheathing and lining that encased its log walls, became famous as an inn during the 1850's.

Ferries were an important adjunct to this early road. Franchises for the operation of ferries were auctioned to the highest bidder. All ferries on Bayou Macon and the Boeuf River charged "two-bits for horse and rider, a dime for foot passengers, and 12 1/2 cents a wheel for wagons and carriages."

The post office was established at Dunn in February 1900 with William W. Crow as postmaster. No one seems to know how the post office got its name.

Leeper, C. D. (2012). Louisiana place names: Popular, unusual, and forgotten stories of towns, cities, plantations, bayous, and even some cemeteries. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press.

Friday, November 4, 2016

How Richland Parish Voted In Every Presidential Race Since 1872

Let's take a look at some statistics, and the results from every Presidential Campaign since Richland Parish Louisiana was created in 1868.




(1992 Bush, 1976 Ford, 1960 Other, 1956 Other, 1876 Tilden, 1872 Greeley)

Horace Greeley, Democrat - Won Richland Parish
Ulysses S. Grant - Republican - Won Presidency, Won Louisiana

Rutherford B. Hayes, Republican - Won Presidency, Won Louisiana
Samuel Tilden, Democrat - Won Richland Parish

1880 - 
James A Garfield, Republican - Won Presidency
Winnfield Scott Hancock, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Grover Cleveland, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Presidency, Won Louisiana
James Blaine, Republican

Benjamin Harrison, Republican - Won Presidency
Grover Cleveland, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Grover Cleveland, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Presidency, Won Louisiana
Benjamin Harrison, Republican
Weaver, Populist

William McKinley, Republican - Won Presidency
William Jennings Bryan, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

William McKinley, Republican - Won Presidency
William Jennings Bryan, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Theodore Roosevelt, Republican - Won Presidency
Alton B. Parker, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

William Taft, Republican - Won Presidency
William Jennings Bryan, Democrat, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Woodrow Wilson, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Theodore Roosevelt, Progressive
William Taft, Republican

Woodrow Wilson, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Charles Hughes, Republican

Warren Harding - Won Presidency
James Cox, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Calvin Coolidge - Won Presidency
John Davis, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
LaFollette, Progressive

Herbert Hoover, Republican - Won Presidency
Al Smith, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Franklin Roosevelt, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Herbert Hoover, Republican

Franklin Roosevelt, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Alf London, Republican

Franklin Roosevelt, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Wendell Wilkie, Republican

Franklin Roosevelt, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Thomas Dewey, Republican

Harry Truman, Democrat - Won Presidency
Thomas Dewey, Republican
Strom Thurmond, Dixiecrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Dwight Eisenhower, Republican, Won Presidency
Adlai Stevenson, Democrat - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Dwight Eisenhower, Republican, Won Presidency, Won Louisiana
Adlai Stevenson, Democrat
Other, State’s Rights Party - Won Richland Parish

John Kennedy, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Louisiana
Richard Nixon, Republican
Other, State’s Rights Party - Won Richland Parish

Lyndon Johnson, Democrat - Won Presidency
Barry Goldwater, Republican - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Richard Nixon, Republican - Won Presidency
Hubert Humphrey, Democrat
George Wallace, Independent - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Richard Nixon, Republican - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
George McGovern, Democrat

Jimmy Carter, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Louisiana
Gerald Ford, Republican - Won Richland Parish

Ronald Reagan, Republican - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Jimmy Carter, Democrat

Ronald Reagan, Republican - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Walter Mondale - Democrat

George H. W. Bush, Republican - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Michael Dukakis, Democrat

George H.W. Bush, Republican - Won Richland Parish
Bill Clinton, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Louisiana

Bill Clinton, Democrat - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Bob Dole, Republican

George W. Bush, Republican - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
Al Gore, Democrat

George W. Bush, Republican - Won Presidency, Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana
John Kerry, Democrat

Barack Obama, Democrat - Won Presidency
John McCain, Republican - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Barack Obama, Democrat - Won Presidency

Mitt Romney, Republican - Won Richland Parish, Won Louisiana

Cotton & Bolton Law Firm, circa 1975

It is impressive that Richland Parish produced attorneys that did what some of these men have done, and all of them from one firm.

Picture of the attorneys of the Cotton & Bolton Law Firm, circa 1975. Depicted are from left to right; standing, Judge Glenn D. Roberts and Johnny Hoychick, Jr., seated, W. Davis Cotton and George W. Bolton, Jr.

W. Davis Cotton was a former Louisiana State Senator, past Louisiana Bar Association president, past member of the Louisiana Law Institute, and the author of a book tracing the roots of his family: The Cottons of Catahoula Parish, which has been recognized as a 1988 National History Award competition winner. 

George W. Bolton, Jr. was a Bronze Star recipient, the only individual to ever be named Board Member Emeritus of the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home, and was also Chairman of the Board of First Republic Bank (now BancorpSouth).

Judge Glenn D. Roberts went on to serve a Judge for more than 20 years for the Fifth Judicial District Court, serving Richland, Franklin, and West Carroll parishes.  He still serves as a mediator and Judge Pro Tempor in the Fifth Judicial District and surrounding districts.

Johnny Hoychick, Jr. is the only person depicted that is still practicing at Cotton and Bolton, and is currently the senior partner of the firm.  Mr. Hoychick is a Master with the Fred Fudickar American Inns of Court, has been named a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, and currently serves as a member for the House of Delegates for the Louisiana State Bar Association.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Winter's Work - Farm Advice for Richland Residents During the Holidays

Here's a column written in the Richland Beacon on the week of Christmas in 1876, titled "Winter's Work." Clearly the author here was not a fan of "sitting around" during the holidays if the sun was shining!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Merry [1876] Christmas In Richland Parish

Here's some good Christmas clips from the Richland Beacon Newspaper back in 1876, which included worthy advice that "sensible turkeys" should probably roost high. Readers were also reminded that the "Christmas Drunks" had officially commenced, the parish had a little rain that week, a Capt. Crosley of Trenton died, and Santa Claus was "on his way!"

Sunday, August 16, 2015

How Richland Parish's GIRARD Got It's Name

Girard (Richland) - Girard is on the west bank of the Boeuf River, where it is crossed by Highway 80 and the Illinois Central Railroad. Girard has the distinction of being the oldest settlement in the parish. Henry Bry, a land agent for Stephen Girard, an American financier from Philadelphia, established it in 1821. Girard bought the land from Abraham Morehouse. Since Bry was an agent for Girard, he named the settlement for him. Girard was the old stop for riverboats when many people were migrating to Louisiana. Later, it was also an important railroad center. The people who first came to settle Alto and other older communities of Richland alighted from the railway cars at Richland and made their way by boat down the Boeuf River to their respective destinations.

Richland Beacon., April 26, 1873, Page 3

NameLeeper, Clare D'Artois. Louisiana Place Names: Popular, Unusual, and Forgotten Stories of Towns, Cities, Plantations, Bayous, and Even Some Cemeteries. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 2012. Print.